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Our Services - Your Comments

“I am so grateful for this service. It does make such a difference not having to watch the clock all the time when I want to go out.”

“Thank you for your support during what was a very difficult and demanding time.”

“I would like to thank you for the invaluable support which your group provides for people in her situation, not least the fact that they are not alone.”

“Thank you for supplying us with such a caring person. My husband got on so well with her, sharing the same interests etc. He always looked forward to her coming, as did I. It was lovely knowing I could leave him in such capable hands for a few hours. I think you and your staff do a marvellous job, keep up the good work and thank you once again.”

“I have not been to your meetings but it is good just knowing someone is there who is interested and has time to listen to you.”

“Being a carer to my husband who has an incurable disease, I find that with the help of a volunteer carer who looks after him for a whole day, so I can leave it all behind for a few hours and therefore saving my sanity, a great help, and he also welcomes a new face visiting as it cheers him up a lot.”

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